Can environmentally friendly disposable degradable tableware replace plastic?

What is disposable degradable tableware?

Disposable degradable tableware refers to tableware that can undergo biochemical reactions under the action of microorganisms (bacteria, molds, algae) and enzymes in the natural environment, causing mildew in appearance to change in internal quality, and finally forms carbon dioxide and water.

How many kinds of degradable tableware materials are there?

There are two types of materials used for degradable tableware: one is made of natural materials, such as paper products, straw, starch, etc., which are degradable and are also called environmentally friendly products; The other is made of plastic as the main component, adding starch, photosensitizer and other substances.

What is the reason for disposable degradable tableware to replace plastic?

Adopting a green, low-carbon and recycling industrial development model, natural plant cellulose materials such as bamboo fiber, wheat straw, rice husk, paper, and PLA are selected, which have the characteristics of cleanliness, good internal strength, degradability, and good water resistance and oil resistance. properties, protection and cushioning.

Today, degradable tableware packaging products have involved a variety of product types, such as fully degradable dinner plates, fully degradable paper bowls, fully degradable lunch boxes, fully degradable forks, spoons, chopsticks, straws, etc., which can gradually replace traditional plastic tableware.

Post time: Sep-23-2022
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