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  • “Turn Waste Into Treasure” Rice Husk

    1. Rice husk material is recommended instead of disposable material? The use of disposable tableware is inevitable in life, although it is said to have environmental awareness, but for more than 20 people under the tableware cleaning workload, disposable tableware appears a lot of convenience. Av...
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  • Interesting wheat straw tableware production technology !!!

    The main ingredients of wheat straw are cellulose, semi -cellulose, lignin, polyfrin, protein and minerals. Among them, the content of cellulose, semi -cellulose, and lignin is as high as 35%to 40%. The effective ingredients are cellulose and semi -cellulose. The first step in the production of t...
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  • Are children’s bamboo fiber bowls harmful?

    When children eat by themselves, parents will prepare their own tableware for their children. But children’s tableware is different from our adults, parents pay special attention to children’s tableware materials, and now there are a lot of materials on the market for children’s...
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  • Is wheat straw tableware safe, and will it be toxic?

    As a new type of tableware, wheat straw tableware has attracted people’s attention, but many people have never used wheat straw tableware and do not understand this new material tableware. So the wheat straw cutting board is safe, will it be toxic? Let’s find out together What is Whea...
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  • Can environmentally friendly disposable degradable tableware replace plastic?

    What is disposable degradable tableware? Disposable degradable tableware refers to tableware that can undergo biochemical reactions under the action of microorganisms (bacteria, molds, algae) and enzymes in the natural environment, causing mildew in appearance to change in internal quality, and f...
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  • Why are wheat straw popular?

    1. Advantages of Wheat Straw This straw is made of wheat straw, and the cost is one-tenth of that of plastic straws, which is very economical and cheap. In addition, wheat straw is a green plant body, which is green and environmentally friendly, has no harm to the human body, and is safe and heal...
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  • New Environmentally Friendly Tableware – Pure Natural, Biodegradable Rice Husk Tableware

    What is Rice Husk Tableware? Rice husk tableware is to regenerate this kind of discarded rice husk into pure natural, healthy tableware that does not contain any harmful chemical ingredients. Rice husk tableware is made of rice husk fiber, which is made by screening rice husk, crushing into rice ...
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  • Is PLA material fully 100% biodegradable???

    Affected by the global “Plastic Restriction” and “Plastic Ban” laws, some parts of the world have begun to impose large-scale plastic restrictions and domestic plastic ban policies have been gradually implemented. The demand for fully degradable plastics continues to grow....
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  • LG Chem introduces world’s 1st biodegradable plastic with identical properties, functions

    By Kim Byung-wook Published : Oct 19, 2020 – 16:55       Updated : Oct 19, 2020 – 22:13 LG Chem said Monday that it has developed a new material made of 100 percent biodegradable raw materials, the first in the world that is identical to synthetic plastic in its properties and functio...
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  • Britain Introduces Standard for Biodegradable

    Companies will need to prove their products break down into harmless wax containing no microplastics or nanoplastics. In tests using Polymateria’s biotransformation formula, polyethylene film fully broke down in 226 days and plastic cups in 336 days. Beauty Packaging Staff10.09.20 Currently...
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