Choose qualified and healthy bamboo fiber tableware

In recent years, under the trend of pursuing environmental protection, consumers’ demand for healthy and environmentally friendly bamboo fiber tableware and wheat tableware is also increasing.

Many consumers think that bamboo fiber cups are made of pure natural materials. In fact, it is not. The production process is to extract cellulose from bamboo, make regenerated fiber through glue making, spinning and other processes, and then add melamine material to make it.

Therefore, reports that low-quality bamboo fiber tableware will release toxic substances such as melamine when heated have gradually entered the field of consumers. From the appearance point of view, the surface of unqualified bamboo fiber tableware is rough and even contains air bubbles. It is easy to decompose formaldehyde and ammonia gas at high temperature, which is harmful to health.

The bamboo fiber tableware produced by Jinjiang Naike, included bamboo fiber coffee cup, bamboo fiber lunch box, bamboo fiber plate, bamboo fiber salad bowl,  which surface is smooth and the texture is uniform.can be guaranteed to pass relevant tests.

Post time: Jun-09-2022
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