Is wheat straw tableware safe, and will it be toxic?

As a new type of tableware, wheat straw tableware has attracted people’s attention, but many people have never used wheat straw tableware and do not understand this new material tableware. So the wheat straw cutting board is safe, will it be toxic? Let’s find out together

What is Wheat Straw tableware?

Wheat straw tableware is the wheat straw after cleaning and disinfection, grinding it into fine powder, through various processes and advanced technologies, through temperature-sensitive hot pressing molding, and then passing through strict quality inspection, so as to obtain wheat straw tableware.

Are wheat straw tableware safe?

Wheat straw tableware mainly includes disposable tableware and ordinary tableware. The safety of wheat straw tableware depends on whether the material of wheat straw tableware is safe and whether the quality is qualified.
1. Disposable wheat straw tableware is basically safe
Now the above tableware like wheat straw is mostly made of wheat fiber and cornstarch. No chemical substances are added in the production process, and it is physically shaped by high temperature hot pressing, but these meals have a feature that is It cannot be reused, and is generally only used for disposable tableware, such as the fast food boxes we usually use. The tableware made by this method does not have enough hardness and cannot be used repeatedly. However, the material of disposable wheat straw tableware is pure natural, without chemical additions, and does not contain heavy metals, which are basically safe and harmless. of.
2. 2. The safety of ordinary wheat straw tableware depends on the fusion agent
The difference between ordinary wheat straw and disposable tableware is that it can be reused, and it must also be able to be washed, withstand bumps and wear and so on. Therefore, when making ordinary wheat straw tableware, in addition to using wheat straw and plant adhesive, a fusion agent that can be used to shape and enhance the performance of tableware is also used. The fusion agent is what we usually call it. Plastic ingredients, which is why many people think wheat straw cutting boards look like plastic. Therefore, whether the wheat straw tableware is safe or not depends on whether the fusion agent is a food-grade material.

If the fusion agent of wheat straw is made of food-grade PP material, then the material is safe and can be used with confidence. If the fusion agent is not food-grade PP material, or even some unscrupulous merchants use recycled plastic, the wheat straw tableware made is unsafe, and there are potential safety hazards. There are even unscrupulous merchants, when making wheat straw cutting boards, no wheat straw ingredients are added at all. Therefore, when we choose wheat straw tableware, we must be careful and cautious, and it is safe to choose qualified products with production licenses that are formally produced.

Will wheat straw tableware be toxic?

1. As long as the wheat straw tableware is produced by regular manufacturers and meets the food-grade standards stipulated by the state, it is safe and will not be toxic. On the contrary, qualified wheat straw tableware also has the characteristics of easy cleaning, wear resistance and drop resistance, and it can be degraded without causing pollution to the environment. It is a green, healthy and environmentally friendly tableware.

2. The wheat straw tableware can withstand high temperature of 120 degrees. It can be directly put into the microwave oven and heated for three minutes on medium heat, and there will be no precipitation of harmful substances. It is sufficient for daily use. In addition, the density of wheat straw tableware is relatively high, it does not hide dirt, it is not easy to breed bacteria, it does not get moldy, it is light in texture, and it is safe and convenient to use.

How to choose wheat straw tableware?

1. Look at the production license
Wheat straw tableware is to be imported directly, and safety is very important. When choosing, you must first look at the production license of tableware. This is the primary guarantee for qualified tableware. Then, the manufacturer, address, commodity name, specifications and other information of the main tableware are also required. These information must be complete and cannot be vague or incomplete, otherwise it is easy to buy three-no products with potential safety hazards.
2. Look at the material
When choosing wheat straw tableware, it depends on the material of the tableware. The label should clearly indicate the material of the tableware, choose a safe material, and choose tableware made of wheat straw + food-grade PP.
3. Smell
When choosing a wheat straw cutting board, you should also pay attention to the smell of the tableware. If there is no peculiar smell, there will be a faint wheat fragrance if you smell it carefully, especially after it is filled with hot water, the wheat fragrance will be stronger.
4. Look at the appearance
Looking at the appearance of the wheat straw cutting board, it is necessary to choose a product with a smooth surface without burrs and cracks, and the color of the tableware should be uniform. It is better to choose light-colored tableware as much as possible.

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Post time: Sep-28-2022
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