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In this version: Launch a human challenge test against COVID-19, a new air pollution monitoring network in London, and fully biodegradable plastics.
News: Potential new physics and climate change innovations-Imperial physicists are part of a team that has discovered clues to new physics, and a new climate change innovation center has been established to help accelerate the transition to net zero emissions.
Infecting people with COVID-19 – We learned from the researchers behind the world’s first COVID-19 “human challenge” clinical trial that the trial will intentionally infect people with the virus behind the disease to understand the infection The progress and the way the drugs and vaccines are used oppose it.
Helping London breathe-We meet the researchers behind a new Breathe London affordable air pollution monitor network, which is being deployed across London to help local communities understand and solve their pollution problems.
Biodegradable and recyclable plastic – We spoke with the CEO of Polymateria about its breakthrough food packaging plastic, which can be decomposed in the environment within a year and can also be recycled into flower pots or trays in.
This is an excerpt from the IB Green Minds podcast, which was produced by business school students’ master’s programs in the fields of climate change, management, and finance. You can listen to the entire episode on the IB Podcasts website.
The podcast was introduced by Gareth Mitchell, a lecturer in the Science Communication Program at Imperial University and the host of Digital Planet, BBC World Service. It was also provided by a traveling reporter from the Department of Communication and Public Affairs. This report.
Photographs and graphics with third-party copyrights used with permission, or © Imperial College London.
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Post time: May-13-2021